Protection of military personnel and conscripts

Protection of military personnel and conscripts

The actions of our lawyers regarding the protection of military personnel and conscripts are regulated by special laws, regulations, rules. We help resolve controversial issues for military personnel:

  1. In matters of obtaining a postponement.
  2. In case of appeal against the decision of the draft commission.
  3. In case of illegal dismissals from military service.
  4. If the person liable for military service was illegally sent to a hot spot.
  5. In case of bringing a serviceman to disciplinary or material responsibility.
  6. Not providing pensions and benefits due to military personnel.
  7. We provide assistance to relatives of conscripts and military personnel in case of non-payment of monetary allowances, etc.

We provide written and oral consultations, form an evidence base, and develop a strategy to quickly resolve the conflict. If it is not possible to resolve the conflict peacefully, we prepare and file complaints, applications to the military prosecutor's office, protect the interests of the client in court, develop a set of measures and implement them in case of need to delay punishment, release from criminal liability.

We will prepare materials for the removal of a criminal record from a serviceman. The military lawyer of our company will help to prepare all the necessary documents, questions, analyze the situation and find several solutions.

The results of our activity as military lawyers are confirmed by positive feedback from grateful clients. You can also be among them. All that is necessary is to contact the manager and provide contact details, make an appointment with a lawyer at a convenient time. Contact phone number for communication.

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