Administrative matters

Administrative matters

Crossed the road in the wrong place, violated traffic rules, did not declare the cargo, did not control the child who committed the offense — all this can qualify as an administrative offense.

This type of violation is much milder than criminal ones, but the consequences can be just as unfavorable. If a person is found guilty of an administrative violation, the following provisions are provided:


Deprivation of driver's licenses for a year or more.

Administrative arrest.

To avoid punishment, we advise you to contact our company's administrative lawyer.

We carefully get acquainted with the case materials and build a line of defense in court, another state body. Then we prepare the necessary documentation for the defense, participate in administrative proceedings.

We have extensive experience working with administrative cases. This allows our clients to avoid administrative responsibility. Previously, our employees have dealt with similar cases, worked in the prosecutor's office or investigative committees, so they know what is happening and will help to avoid the consequences.

To get advice from our specialist, you need to contact us by phone and make an appointment at a convenient time for you. During the oral consultation, acquaint our lawyer with the specifics of the case, answer the list of mandatory questions. By trusting our lawyers, you will be able to avoid administrative punishment. Trust us with your business, and even better, become our regular customer.

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