International law

International law

International law services provided by our lawyers:

  • Conclusion of transactions with the participation of international partners, verification of the legal component of investment projects, attraction of investors and partners from abroad, drafting and verification of contracts, receipt and registration of inheritance abroad.
  • We will help you apply for refugee status.
  • Protection of interests of citizens and legal entities in international arbitration courts.
  • Legal consulting of contracts in the field of foreign trade.
  • Preparation of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights, preparation of the applicant in accordance with the requirements of international law.

International law is a more complex field than any other types. In the field of international law, there is a wide range of topical issues that are under the close attention of the international community, and concerns international crime, migration, refugee problems, citizenship, protection of human rights at the international level, communication with prisoners in prisons located outside Russia, management, treatment of prisoners, use of force and so on.

The scope of international law also includes more global issues related to environmental protection, protection of international ocean waters, space, as well as issues related to world trade. If you, as an individual or your company, require protection of interests at the international level, our employees are ready to help you and will provide a proxy for consultations - an international lawyer.

Our lawyers act in international courts, including the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, the International Arbitration Court located in The Hague, the International Arbitration Court in Paris, the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague. You can use the advice of a lawyer and provide information on the case you are interested in by phone.

The cost of the services of lawyers in international affairs depends on the specifics of the litigation and the uniqueness of the dispute. You will receive an accurate price list with prices after consulting and analyzing the prospects for a decision on the case.

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