Civil law disputes

Civil law disputes

Let's see in which different sections of civil disputes our lawyers help resolve issues:

Housing affairs

We help to conduct real estate transactions, the allocation of a share in residential premises, the provision of housing in connection with the demolition of housing for construction, any cases related to eviction and settlement, recognition of the right to use residential premises.

Legacy cases

We will help to challenge the will, establish the fact of acceptance of the inheritance, confirm the relationship, recognize the right to the order of inheritance, an unworthy heir, a disputed transaction of the deceased, we will help to recover debts from the heirs of the deceased person.

Family matters

We will help in solving issues related to the division of the common property of the spouses, the dissolution of marriage, the recovery of alimony or the establishment of paternity, we will help determine the order of communication with the child, the place of residence with one of the parents.


We recognize as invalid the contracts of donation, purchase and sale, of a civil nature. If necessary, we recognize the contract as not concluded, we will confirm the ownership of residential or non-residential premises in case of invalid transactions.

Consumer protection disputes

We will help to terminate the contract of sale, collect a penalty or a sum of money for low-quality goods, in case of violation of the terms of use of obligations, when eliminating the shortcomings of the work performed.

Land affairs

We will help in resolving civil disputes on the establishment of land boundaries, the recognition of the right to a land plot of an individual, the boundaries within the established and agreed limits, the removal of obstacles in the use of land plots and so on.

Labor law

We will help to collect wages, recognize the illegal dismissal of an employee, confirm the fact of employment relations between the employer and the employee, restore to work, if necessary.

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