Arbitration process

Arbitration process

We provide the services of lawyers in arbitration cases in any city of Russia, including Moscow and the Moscow region. Our clients are heads of companies, individual entrepreneurs who are faced with controversial situations, the resolution of which is possible within the framework of arbitration proceedings.

Problems that our clients most often face:

  1. Debt obligations, property disputes related to rent, purchase and sale, protection of property rights, removal of obstacles arising from the use of property.
  2. Non-compliance with payment deadlines for goods and services. We will help you recover debts, fines and penalties from individual entrepreneurs and organizations that are your partners in the past, compensate for losses, compensation for lost profits, return property in case of illegal possession.
  3. There is a violation of the terms of the contract.
  4. Violation of antimonopoly legislation, the appearance of obstacles to the introduction of legitimate business activities.

We provide services in all areas of law related to the settlement of financial relations and business activities. We have legal information, know the basic nuances of office work, legal aspects of courts.

We provide consultations on the issues of arbitration proceedings, pre-trial decision and settlement of the dispute peacefully. We will prepare documents for the court, collect reviews and complaints, make a statement of claim, represent the interests of clients in court, appeal, cassation, supervisory and other instances. If necessary, we will challenge the complaint by the decision of the Arbitration Court.

Among the successful cases conducted by our lawyers:

  • Protection of interests under the contract of sale of real estate
  • Protection from collection for unjustified enrichment.
  • Protection of the debtor in the appellate instance due to unfounded claims.
  • Protection in the cassation appeal.
  • Protection of the head of the company from subsidiary liability.
  • Debt collection under contracts of supply, lease, purchase and sale.

If you need qualified assistance of an arbitration lawyer, leave a request on the website or contact the manager, agree on a date convenient for you for consultation. Do not stay one-on-one with the problem, contact us, we will help you solve it.


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